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Over the years we made many bad choices and mistakes trying to creating the perfect Photo Booth service for our customers. With all our mistakes, we gained many valuable learning lessons. With perseverance and dedication, we continue on our path of becoming one of the best Photo Booth companies in the San Francisco, Bay Area. This is the story of our booth, where we began and what the future holds...

Our team was one of the early adopters of the photo booth event industry back in 2008. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We purchased a photo booth that was great in design, but absolutely dreadful in picture quality. It used inkjet printers and a video surveillance camera. The cost of this unit was very high and media was very limited as well. Not all was bad, It was a good start to get us into the door of an all new industry and helped us grow as a DJ company.

We also created a cool promo video!

In 2013, we finally upgraded our booth. Once again, it was an improvement, but not where we wanted to be. Our photo quality was 100% better, we also began working

with software other professionals were using. We even had a better printer. But the quality of our booth was amateur at best. Our kiosk was made of hard plastic,our enclosure just insanely wrinkled, and our lighting was horrible. We decided we needed to make another change to save our Photobooth business!

In 2015, we began a project to overhaul our photobooth services.First, we acquired a Photo Booth Kiosk that made us proud. Amazing Photo Quality, Thin Modern Design, Portable, and Reliable. We finally got a booth that was comparable to the industry. We were able to master the software to provide an amazing photobooth experience. But that wasn't enough. We had to build our accessories, props, and backdrops as well.

In 2016, we attended our first photobooth convention and it opened our eyes to how it could enhance any event. With the wide network of industry professionals that we are now connected with, we learned that the booth is not only a fun experience, but an amazing marketing tool for businesses and events. We upgraded our business to include social media capabilities, purchased premium props, added elegant backdrops, and added an industry standard printer for high quality prints.

We are still in the infancy of our business.There is so much more to come. We are still in search of the perfect name for our booth. There are plans to adding green screen capabilities, animated gifs, slowmotion, and much much more. Please comment below if you have any feedback on how we can provide the best photobooth service in the San Francisco, Bay Area. And stay tuned to our site for all the updates.

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