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As an extra little incentive, Impact Sounds use our Canon DSLR camera to capture memorable moments from your party. Although we are not professional photographers, our photos show a personal account of your event from our point of view. These pictures are provided free of charge to our clients so that they may share with family and friends.



Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life and you expect it to be perfect! Choosing the right entertainment can be a daunting task. Let Impact Sounds guide you with our best resources to ensure your wedding goes as planned. We'll work with you to ensure we meet your expectations! 

Our expertise will take care of the work and your worries. We'll help you put together a celebration where everyone will have a great time. We will keep your timeline moving, coordinate events with your other vendors, and make sure everything is ready before it is needed. 

Here is a look at some of the most common Wedding Traditions as well as what Impact Sounds can do to enhance your Wedding.


The First Dance is traditionally the most significant event of your wedding reception. This is the first dance of the newly married couple as husband and wife. The song you choose to accompany your first dance as newlyweds will depend on your taste and style. Just about anything that symbolizes your love and reminds you of each other can be your song. 


The first dance is most often followed by the father-daughter dance, in which the bride and her father take the floor alone. Some couples choose to also include a mother-son dance, but it is strictly a modern option rather than a tradition for the groom to dance with his mother in a spotlight dance.


The bouquet toss was created as one of the giveaway items brides could give to the women at the wedding reception as a symbol of good luck. As all eyes are on the bride at this point, she may want to have a bit of a dance to the song first before she throws the bouquet over her shoulder. The emcee will call out individual names and make sure no single ladies are left. This leaves the single and unmarried ladies waiting with anticipation and the bride gets a little more of the spot light before the celebration ends! The bouquet is then tossed into the air and the lucky person that catches the bouquet would be next in line to get married.


The Garter Removal and Toss is one of the most humorous traditions at any wedding reception and can be loads of fun. Depending on the couples personality, it can be reserved, edgy or quite risque, so you have a wide range of musical styles to choose from. The sexual undertones, bridal embarrassment, and superstitious back-story creates a lot of opportunity for a wedding DJ to add to the fun. As the Garter is removed by the Groom, a song can be played. This can also accompany a game of some sort where the winner receives the Garter or could remove the garter also. Once the garter is removed it is tossed to the single and unmarried men and whoever catches it is traditionally the next in-line to get married! Sexy songs are great for the garter removal. It usually never fails to be a crowd pleaser.

After tying the wedding knot, it is time to throw a grand party for your family and friends. The Wedding Reception is your time to enjoy a wonderful evening of celebration and entertainment. Over the years, the Wedding Reception has become an intricate event full of game activities, dance performances, video slideshows, and various other cultural traditions.

Every party is unique and it's one of the reasons Impact Sounds continues to enjoy being part of them. It really is up to the Bride and Groom how many traditions they have at their wedding. A well balanced timeline can make room for many events, games, and performances to keep your guest entertained.


  • The Grand Entrance

  • The Toast

  • Cake Cutting

  • First Dance

  • The Bouquet and Garter Toss

  • Dancing Party


Toasting the happy couple at the wedding reception is one of the event's most cherished traditions. The Best Man and Maid of Honor usually proposes a toast in the form of best wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds. The speech takes the form of a short speech (3-5 minutes) that combines a mixture of humor and sincerity.


The Grand Entrance is the entrance of the wedding party to the reception. It is usually accompanied my much fanfare and grandeur and is a chance for the wedding party members to be announced and consequently introduced to the guests at the reception. It is as much of a tradition as it is a chance to have some fun at your wedding. More so is the opportunity to uniquely express your self, increase the energy level at your reception, and create some special memories.


The Bridal Party Introduction songs is played when the bridal party enter the venue. Their order of arrival is usually announced by the DJ or Master of Ceremonies. Just remember a slow song can make the entrance more elegant but less exciting or an upbeat song can be more fun & energetic. What ever song you choose, make sure it reflects your own style and it gives your guests an idea of the celebration, fun and dancing to come!



Traditionally, the cake cutting takes place after all the toasts have been given and dinner has been served. When the MC makes the announcement for the couple to cut the cake, the couple proceeds to the cake table while the selected music plays.


A Wedding cake is a traditional symbol, which is eaten and cut at weddings. As the new bride and groom cut their cake it signifies their commitment and new life together. The newly weds, breaking bread for the first time so to speak.The cake cutting song can be the Bride and Groom's favorite song. Songs that have sugar and sweet references are popular during the cake cutting ceremonies. Before the cake is cut the MC can invite guests around the cake table to take photos.. The first dance directly following the cake cutting makes a smooth transition on the wedding timeline also.


Many Ceremonies, Traditions, and Performances can also be incorporated into the Wedding Reception. Weddings are all unique in their own special way. Adding that special performance can help capture the audience attention and give them that memorable moment they will never forget. Everything from Chinese Lion Dances, to Singing Performances, to Magic Shows, there is really no limit to the imagination.


  • Lion Dances

  • Full Band Concerts

  • Hora Dance

  • Tea Blessing Ceremonies

  • Money Dances

  • Singing Performances

  • Tahitian Dances

  • Magic Shows


It's time to hit the dance floor and from there we never know what's going to happen next. Sometimes the soul train will begin to pick up steam, or we hit the barn with a great line dance with the electric slide, or other times guest prove they are Americas Best Dance Crew with an all out hip hop dance showdown. It's all unpredictable and adds to the laughs and overall enjoyment of the night.


Genres of music:

  • Hiphop/RnB/Top40/Party Hits/EDM

  • Swing/Jive/Ballroom

  • Disco and Funk

  • 80s, 90s, New Wave

  • Latin, Salsa, Meringue


Saving the Best for Last!

As the night ends, we play one more final song to captivate the night's festivities. The tone is set for the rest of the couple's lives as they dance one final song and begin their new journey as husband and wife.

The Wedding Ceremony is the focal point of your wedding. It is, after all, that moment that marks the beginning of new life together. Music during the ceremony can be something easily not given enough attention. But just as every other aspect of your Wedding, the music can help set the tone for your personality, your wedding theme, and the right mood.


The Wedding Ceremony is usually traditionally broken up into 3 parts where songs can be incorporated. These are the Processional Songs (As the bride walks down the ailse), During the Ceremony Songs (Signing of the registrar, candle and sand ceremonies) and Recessional Songs.










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